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Who We Are

We Are the Elite In Software Development and Consulting

We are currently living in the Digital age and technology continues to enhance and improve our lives daily. This is why growing alongside technology is essential for any business that wishes to transition effectively to the digital era.

This means investing in a stable future for you and your organisation by connecting people to you and your content. Codú knows precisely how to help you achieve these results.

We are a highly experienced IT outsourcing company that specialises in software development and consulting services. Our mission is to carve out your path to success by providing high quality and reliable software solutions that will help your business stand out from the crowd and thrive above the competition.

With software expertise at Codú, you can rest assured you are in good hands at every stage of the process.


The definition helps us to know your vision and business needs before we can propose a software solution to you. Every business has its own unique needs, so at Codú, we spend time to understand your business, and thoroughly analyze the problems and challenges based on all deduced facts.
Then we’ll brainstorm and come up with the best custom solution that will perfectly suit your business needs, and also give you the best results. After this is done, a timeline and what to expect from the project will also be clearly defined.


By utilizing user testing as part of our software development process, we work with our expert designers to make sure your user experience is an excellent one. We’ll approach it iteratively, and also keep you informed about every step we take to ensure whatever we build is 100% satisfying.


Our expert and professional engineers ensure they build software, application, and so on within short cycles. So, you can check in at any step/stage to see the progress of the project. Also, with continuous communication and work, you can see updates as they are being developed to ensure the success of the project.


Launching doesn’t have to be a stressful or lengthy process. We’ll create and execute a software release plan, which includes when to launch too. Also, with our continuous delivery methodologies, we’ll ensure that we are ready for production way before the launch date.

What We Do

We have everything you need to launch and grow a successful digital business!

Ensuring a highly functional software solution right after it was launched is the reason you shouldn’t even doubt our level of expertise at Codú. There’s no project too big or too small for us to handle; neither is there any software idea too complicated for us to handle.

We always bring our “A” game to all projects! With our swift delivery method, you’ll be part of the building process, and you’ll be aware of every step taken, to ensure optimum satisfaction.

Product Planning

After we clearly understand your vision, and what you expect from our services, we dive straight thorough market research to understand your customers or users. After the research, we’ll come together as a team, brainstorm, plan, and create strategies, products, and solutions that suit your needs.


Technology moves fast, but Codú moves faster! Our team of expert software developers and consultants spend time creating solutions, and not duplicating them. Also, we aren’t afraid of meeting up with deadlines, because we beat them always!

UI/UX Design

Excellent user experience helps to create confidence and trust in your brand. This is why Codú always aims for a simple and efficient user interface/experience. Let our UI/UX experts take your users on a stress-free and powerful journey that can help you get sales, traffic, trust, growth, and engagement.

Web Development

Be it mobile, web, or desktop; there is no software problem that Codú cannot solve. We fully understand that beautiful designs sum up to give a superb online experience. This is why we specialize in progressive web apps, so you rest assured that your project is safe in our hands.

Native App Development

At Codú, we also build Android, iOS, and native desktop solutions. Whether you need an internal software or a brand new customer experience, Codú will turn your ideas into reality.


Educating your team about the latest technology trends and practices can empower and make your organization more efficient. At Codú, we also offer workshop training on software development and effective project planning. So, it’s time to turbocharge your team!


Our world-class workshops will have you at the top of your game.

Employee retention as well as the hiring process is a huge challenge for a lot of employers. There are a lot of highly qualified and experienced people applying for the little jobs available. This challenge can be greatly reduced by having a solid employee development program.
Offering employee development increases an organisations reputation to both the customers and prospective employees. Reputation almost always precedes personality and that is why organisations need to ensure that their reputation is protected and enhanced in all ways possible.

For workshops for your organisation contact us.

We have a brand new MeetUp, join us for free workshops every month!

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